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U-Create Sunny Mix

Sunny Mix includes succulents that will handle very bright indoor lighting or outside part shade to full sun. Each mix is unique and is created from plants such as: certain aloes, euphorbias, kalanchoes, crassulas [jades] and other sun loving succulents.

Lighting Tip

If you plan on having your arrangement indoors we suggest the Shady mix. It will be much easier to handle indoors, especially during the winter months when the days are far shorter here in the Midwest. These Sunny Mixes would perform indoors much better with grow lights to avoid stretching in winter.

Designer Lines

U-Create Shady Mix

Shady Mix includes succulents that will handle medium to bright indoor lighting or part shade outdoors. Each mix is unique and is created from plants such as: aloes, haworthias, gasterias, crassulas [jades] and other shade tolerant succulents.

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