Pumpkins and Gourds

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Pumpkins and Gourds

and squirrels, oh my!

Well the season's getting close to the end.  While some of the veggies are done for the year, others are just starting to produce.  Pumpkins and gourds are two of the most fun falls crops and so is Indian corn.  

Pumpkins and gourds come in all shapes and sizes.  I like the Cinderella pumpkins.  Another cool variety is Long Island cheese.  It has a weird yellow color that makes it look like cheese.  There are some pumpkins to eat and others are just good for decorating.  Sugar Pie is good for baking.  Don't forget, you can roast the seeds out of pumpkins, too.  

Pumpkins will keep for a limited time in a root cellar or a cool, dark place.  On the other hand, gourds come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and some can last for months.  Others dry very well so you can use them for crafts.  

The Bottle gourd, the Indians used to carry water.  Birdhouse gourds are good for making birdhouses.  The Indians also used gourds for bowls.  

I like decorating with gourds.  I've made lights out of them before.  I would take a smaller gourd, cut off the end, hollow it out and then drill a hold in the top big enough to fit a light socket.  I would use a stringer of 25 or 50 light sockets depending on how long I wanted it.  For decoration, I drilled various size holes in the gourd to let light out.  Then from the inside I screwed the bulb on.  They looked pretty cool on our deck until the squirrels got at them.  It always amazed me that they could chew the wire in half and not get fried.  I could always tell which ones did it because their tails were always burned...  (Just kidding).  


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