November News 2015

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November News 2015


Holiday Open House,

Making Fresh Evergreen Wreaths Sustainably,

Cookie Palooza,

Christmas Tree Fundraiser,

Small Business Saturday,

Bud Tip of the Month


This is a big month for getting into the spirit! We've got 'sustainability' on our minds.








Friday, Nov. 13  5 - 9

Saturday, Nov. 14   9 - 6  

Sunday, Nov. 15  11 - 3

Join us to celebrate the kick off for the Holiday Season at Distinctive Gardens. This year we'll have fresh handmade wreaths ready to go.  You can also place a preorder if that works better.  Bud starts up with his Cookie Palooza and will be sharing all sorts of goodies all weekend long.  



There's something magical about the holiday season.  The shop turns into this little workshop.  All are busy cutting, bundling, and building beautiful wreaths.  The store smells like a pine forest.  It's a busy time and a lot of good cheer comes along the way.  One of the best things about this season is that nothing goes to waste.  By the time we're finished every harvested tree or branch has been used entirely.  That's the part that gives the greatest pleasure.  It's a sustainable practice going on 17 years.  


Traditionally the wreath season ran in a way which required most to preorder.  Since implementing the point of sale we now know more clearly just how many wreaths to make each year.  This is pretty cool because now we feel more confident in making some wreaths ahead of time.  They are just as fresh and last just as long as an ordered wreath.  It's just now you can come in and just pick one up and not have to wait.  It's the best of both worlds.  And still, nothing goes to waste.


Collecting fresh greens has already commenced for this season.  Whole trees designated to be removed from various landscape projects done throughout the landscaping season get harvested.  Selectively cut branches are gathered from current stock trees. In our minds this is the most sustainable way to work. No precut greens are used because those are typically harvested in early-mid October, dry out more quickly, and do not contribute to the desire to work this season in a sustainable fashion.  It's a good practice and the way we see it, every little action counts when it comes to doing right by the environment.


The Online Wreath Store is now up  

Wreaths ordered online get made when the order is placed.  Online ordering runs now through the first week of December.  Many have used that to send wreaths as gifts to their friends and family.  Add a personalized message card for free. Wreaths are packaged as a gift.  You can check it out here if you're curious.  







Here we go again!  Last year we had Mr. Bud pulling a Martha Stewart for the entire holiday season.  It was fun!  Each weekend starting on Saturday, Nov. 14 and running until Christmas he will be offering up a new cookie recipe you can sample and take home if you wish.  Stop on out and collect all 6!









Trees are on deck to start selling by November 21.  A small family-owned nursery up in Wisconsin ships a great selection of fresh trees cut by hand.  Last year their new tree type, a Vicotorian tree was a huge hit.  There will be more of those this year.  Each tree is unique and all get named.  It's fun for both big and little kids on tree shopping day. Proceeds benefit the Dixon Area Garden Club, a community group who have actively contributed to the beautification of Dixon for decades.








Sauk Valley Shop Small is in it's 5th year.  The big celebration day is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 28th.  We're proud to be a part of this grassroots group.  Over 60 small businesses are listed on the Sauk Valley Shop Small Directory.

This year we'll throw our annual Shop Small party, complete with a Holiday Wreath Making Party Make and Take Class, food, fun, hosted artist, Heather Houzenga, handmade wreaths, Bud's Cookie Palooza and the Dixon Area Garden Club Christmas Tree Fundraiser.  Stop on out, celebrate the vibrant small business community and be a part of something that makes the Sauk Valley something special. 








It's been a dry fall.  This is the first time I can recall a fire warning issued for our area.  I thought that was something only the folks out west with forests had to worry about.  What this means for us or rather our plants and trees is that they need a good long soaking drink before it's winter time.

As I write this tip, we're experiencing exceptionally warm temps for early November.  Many of the leaves are still on the trees.  Even annuals are still kicking in spots that missed the frost.  Now is a great time to give your new plantings and even established shrubs and trees a good soaking.  It will ensure that when it finally does freeze hard that the ground will be moist.  One of the hardest things for plants is going through the entire winter dry.  A little extra care right now while the weather is still fun to work outside in will go far to protecting and ensuring your plants successfully over-winter.






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