Making Benches

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Making Benches


Digging in, digging out, getting 'er dun.


Over the winter Quin and Jay embarked on a huge project, building benches for the 2nd greenhouse and new outdoor perennial zone. They started up in January and spent the next 2 ½ months sawing, nailing, painting and assembling over 30 new benches.




The job was massive and was not always the most fun project to deal with, but both Quin and Jay kept at it and kicked out enough benches to fill up two new retail areas.




Mid project, snow piled up outside when the 'blizzard of 2015' hit and completely enclosed the houses. They had to dig their way in just to get into greenhouse #2 and open it up in order to keep going.




Just in time for spring planting they wrapped up.

The 2nd greenhouse just got a facelift for this year and is now going to house even more annuals and container gardens. And there is a new area outside where all the perennials will be on display.

We hope the new shopping areas will be to your liking and make coming out to the greenhouses even more fun.





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