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June News: Sterling Main Street Baskets, Giving Garden Update, Bud Tip, Perennial of the Week 2015

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June News: Sterling Main Street Baskets, Giving Garden Update, Bud Tip, Perennial of the Week 2015


Sterling Main Street Baskets, Giving Garden, Bud Tip







photo credit: Janna Groharing, Director, Sterling Main Street 

Sterling Main Street Blooms  


Last year Sterling Main Street asked Bud to help with their hanging baskets for the downtown.  Working together with Janna Groharing, Director, Sterling Main Street, they tested out combinations and figured out what worked best and where.


Planning for the project began in early 2013, after an anonymous donation came in specifically for the purpose of lamppost flower baskets to be hung in downtown Sterling and ultimately along the 1st Avenue Bridge.




“Deciding on the baskets was the easy part”, says Janna Groharing. “We wanted something unique for our downtown.”





Tom Bittner from Sterling Public works and Jayman and Bud put up hanging baskets in downtown Sterling. photo credit: Janna Groharing, Director, Sterling Main Street

Team Effort

Bud and Janna looked into various basket styles and once they found the right one it was a go! Maintaining the baskets for the season was a big challenge and so they started small, and ordered 14 for 2014. They experimented with a variety of annuals to see which performed best.


Firehouse of God volunteers took on the big task of watering throughout the season. The project went well, and the baskets were a great addition to the downtown streetscape. This year the project expands with 17 additional baskets for a total of 31. Baskets go up in mid June. Plans for 1st Avenue Bridge are still in the works and may come in 2016.







Giving Garden Update

Giving Garden is now planted!  If you stop in the shop and want to pass along a little good cheer pick up a Giving Garden Sticky for a buck, add a little note and stick it on the organization of your choice.  Simple!








Perennial of the Week 

As we transition into summer, each week we'll share on Facebook our favorite perennial of the week and tell you why we like it.  First up for June is Caradonna Salvia.  We have a beautiful stand of it on the southeast side of the shop.  It's great for attracting monarchs and we just love it's erect and compact habit.  The stems are purple and the flower starts off in a deep purple and opens to a beautiful blue as it ages.  Deadheading will extend the already long bloom season for this wonderful perennial.  Keep up with the latest on our Facebook page as we showcase what's blooming this summer.    








Bud Tip:

My tip this month is on growing Milkweed.  The two types we carry are suited for different locations.  Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Weed) is typically found in sandy and rocky areas with plenty of full sun.  Select a site that has great drainage and full sun.  If there is a lot of clay in the soil amend it with mushroom compost and/or sand before planting.  This variety also is late to break dormancy in spring, just like Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) is too.  Be patient and give it time to wake up when the soil starts to warm.  


The next, Asclepias incarnata (Marsh Milkweed) loves a completely different location.  Native to marsh areas, this one will do best if you give it a spot where it won't dry out.  Think ditches, rain gardens, or next to ponds or streams, still sunny, just moist.  Also, consider keeping 'incarnata' a bit isolated.  It doesn't like being cramped with other plants near by.




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