Holiday Centerpiece

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Holiday Centerpiece

Beauty From You Own Backyard

Here's a way to make your Holiday dinner extra special.  Dress up your table with natural items from your backyard.  Using evergreen tips, dried seedpods, cones and branches are a fun way to add personal style to your holiday event.

There are two ways you can do it, using a container or not.  If you're not using a container, you can lay your material down the center of the table, layering it as you go.  You can only do this a couple days ahead of time because it will dry out.  

If you chose to use a container, you will have to go to the florist shop and purchase some 'oasis'.  Oasis is a foam material used for floral arranging that holds water.  

To start, first, soak the oasis in water until thoroughly wet.  Next, take it out and you may have to cut it to size and fit it snug in your container.  A butter knife will cut it.  If the oasis is loose you will have to secure it to the container using a crisscross pattern of florist tape.  

Once done it's time to start adding your evergreen tips.  Keep sticking evergreens until the arrangement looks full.  Now comes the fun part.  Add as accents your dried seed heads, cones and branches.  When you're done with your arrangement fill your container with water so the oasis stays wet.  

Your arrangement should last a couple of weeks.


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