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bring (something) into existence.

Pretty simple. Or maybe more...



In January we tried something new. We called it R&D week. Everyone spent one week developing container ideas and the next making them.


I missed out on most while churning out office work required for spring. One day in week 2 I had to run up to the shop for something. I came in to the back room to see everybody busily working away making things. It was like Santa’s workshop. It was joyous. What came from that time was more than a bunch of cool containers to plant. 


When we set aside time for imagination what gets “brought into existence” is much more than things.




As I sit here trying to crank out a little ditty on creativity I find myself stuck. Huh... a creative block. How ironic. I don’t normally get those. Maybe I’m too distracted with other thoughts. Take a stroll down the Facebook newsfeed and it is easy fall down the rabbit hole. Pay attention to national issues, and the hole turns into a crater. 


Between January and now much has happened in the world. And here in my office. I lost a hard drive.  All the videos documenting R&D week are gone. I guess that set me up for a creative log jam. I was so excited to show you what they did. And how they did it. And the utter inspiration they bring. They create.





R&D week was much more than making things. It was making connections. Building bonds. Engaging. And now sharing. I’ve not felt stronger about our people then I do right now. They all have each other’s backs. And mine. And that alone makes R&D week more valuable than anything else. We dove in having no idea what would come. For us, create made community. Stronger.



[these yahoos pulled down #1 Landscaper in the Sauk Valley 4 years running]



Our hope is you find this spring’s story fun and inspiring.


Even more, we hope it stirs you to dive into your own R&D week, maybe with a buddy or two. We hope the joy we experienced and the bond is yours too.

example of some of the things made during R&D week.


Stop in. We open April 2. Check out their work. Visit our Facebook page. I’ll work at posting photos of all the amazing things they did over the winter. If you can, take some time to nurture your own creativity, and those around you. I promise, it’s worth the time.


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