Christmas Tree Care

Written by Bud LeFevre on Monday, 24 November 2014. Posted in Dig In, Tips

Christmas Tree Care

Cut, Water, Bag, Done

Here are a few tips to keep your fresh Christmas tree looking sharp through the season.

If you come out to see us to pick up a Christmas tree and plan on putting it up in the stand right away, make sure you have us cut the bottom two to three inches off.  This ensures that the tree can take up water once in the stand.  If you don't plan on putting it in the stand or water within four hours then wait to bottom cut, as the sap will simply seal it off if you wait too long.

Your tree will take up a good amount of water right away if the bottom is not sealed shut.  You should then check it daily to make sure the water tray does not go dry.  Consider where you place your tree. If you put it near a heat source, such as a furnace register, wood burning stove or fireplace you will decrease the lifespan of your tree.  Near a cooler window is ideal.  

Once your tree does come to the end of it's beauty stint bag the top with a large garbage bag to bag inside before moving out will help keep down the needle drop.  

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