Colorburst Orange

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A dose of color inspiration on a white winter day

Colorburst Orange

Yes it's January, but the winter here in northern Illinois has been long already.

As I look outside it's an overcast mash of grey and white. To change up that scene, at least in my head, I thought I would dream out loud a bit about some exciting things to come once we warm up here.  

From one of our favorite growers, Terra Nova comes this bold beauty.  It makes for a great cut flower and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  I can see this mixed with Salvia Black and Blue for a bold color combo in the garden.

'Colorburst Orange' has it all - lovely double orange flowers and a medium short, well-branched habit. The anemone type double flowers open with centers that are dark green, then more lime-green, and then orange. First year plants are multistemmed. Excellent vigor. Flowers are very large and stems are extra strong. A very exciting Echinacea.


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