“R&D” enters its second year. Bark boxes, towel planters, and containers made from reclaimed wood take center stage for spring. The website gets a refresh. Tech nightmares ensue and the point of sale system gets a complete rebuild. We slide headfirst into one of the soggiest springs on record.



“Play” shop story opens. Project Parties expand. The weather wreaks havoc on getting out of the blocks with both the shop and landscaping.



Gardenstock celebrates turning eleven and without a slew of key lead people, all volunteers, the big summer’s end shindig would not likely be. Stuart, head of security, manages to avoid any sort of work whatsoever. ;) What!



Bud and Lisa peel out for a great vacation out west. This year the weather cooperates and they stay gone for a full month. Quin gets a baptism by fire managing a ton of maintenance jobs while contending with a very soggy fall.


Holiday Time

“Imagine” shop story opens. Boy Scout fundraiser keeps us hopping but we manage to lessen the chaos.  Gnomes come out of left field compliments of Janna’s buddies and we turn into a gnome shop complete with declaring the day before Thanksgiving as National Gnome Day. We count our blessings and look forward to the next decade and bringing Quin on board to begin to take the reins.


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