The year we became grandparents.

Winter - The shop backroom gets a massive update allowing for better organization and a place to hold project parties. 4th greenhouse is completed. 3rd and 4th greenhouses get an organizational overhaul.
Spring - “Dig In” shop story opens for spring. New introductions include DG’s Tiny World line of terrariums and supplies. Expanded Project Parties are held in the new back room. Springfest kicks off the 19th season of business.
Summer - Gardenstockers raises $21,760 dollars for the Sinnissippi Centers' Youth Garden Program the largest yet.
Fall - New greenhouse heaters turn into a massive rework of gas lines. Friends and family kick in to help before the weather turns.
Holiday Time - “Christmas Past and Present” shop story opens with the blessing and announcement of the birth of two new future gardeners. Quin and Hailley welcome Jameson to the world. Jay’s son, Lucas and Michaela welcome Olivia. There is much to be thankful this holiday season.


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