Winter - Revolutionary 100:
DG gets named one of 100
Revolutionary Garden Centers
from across the country.

The Dudes and their Benches:
Quin and Jay build a ton
of new benches for the second house
and new perennial lot.

Spring - Giving Garden:
DG launches a pay-it-forward project
which supplies vegetables to
various organizations in
Sterling, Rock Falls and Dixon.
May is for Monarchs, Paula Sands Live:
DG is featured on the show to help
spread awareness of the Monarch plight.
Sterling Main Street baskets:
Sterling gets a facelift
for street beautification
with DG designed hanging baskets
placed along the light posts
throughout downtown.
Summer - Gardenstock:
The people came out in droves
raising just over $18K for the
Sinnissippi Centers Youth Garden Program.
Fall - Vacation Yehaw!
Bud and I were able to peel away
for a 3-week road trip out west.

Holiday Time - Small Business Saturday:
Grows again with the addition of a
Wreath Making Project Party
and a whole lotta good cheer.
Dixon Area Garden Club
Christmas Tree Fundraiser:
The tradition continues
raising money for the DAGC.

This year the Christmas tree lot expanded
with the creation of the
Christmas tree forest
on the east side of the shop.
Project Parties:
Fun times grow
offering project parties all season long
throughout November and December.


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