In February,
Bud and Lisa are in the
“Building Essential Connections video
for the Facebook fMC
marketing conference in NYC,
right after the introduction by Mr. Zuckerberg.

They are one of three stories
showing how people are
developing relationships with brands
on Facebook through their connection
with American Express.

In April,
YWCA of the Sauk Valley
honors Lisa with the
"Pearl Woods" award for
achievement in industry
and private business
for her work in the community
in bringing culture and
small businesses together through
Second Saturdays Art Happenings
and Sauk Valley Shop Small.

In May,
American Express OPEN
invites Bud and Lisa to
sit on a discussion panel
in Provincetown, MS for the workshop,
“How Social Media
Can Help Small Business”,
to talk about
how to use social media
to boost business.

Lisa teaches a Facebook 101 class
to business people offered through
the Sauk Valley Chamber.

Spring Open House gets
renamed to “Springfest”
and offers day long Quick Classes
and music in the afternoon.

Pop Up Shop expands
with two more hospital shows
in Clinton, IA.

In August,
“Gardenstock Art & Music Festival”
turns 4 and launches its
first livestream of the festival
and runs a night time
digital projection.

In September,
“Chilifest” turns 7
and Nick and Courtnie of
Griffin Computer Repair
take the Traveling Chili Award home
for a second year.

In November,
Sauk Valley Shop Small expands
to a yearlong marketing campaign
and participates in its second
Small Business Saturday.

Pop Up Shop expands again
with participation at
the Sterling Farmer’s Market.


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