Second DHS community
art project happens.
In April, Lisa travels to DHS
working with students
on a variety of projects.

They track their progress on a blog.
Teacher, Lisa Kastello brings her students
to DG to install permanent
art projects on the grounds.

A two-day event,
“Artificial Obsolescence & Hope”
transforms DG into an art installation
by Ms. Kastello’s three advanced
art classes.

The installation illustrates
current trends in society
and suggests hopeful solutions.

The front half of the grounds
detail the Current Trends
segment of the project and
the back half is home
for the Hope side of
the art installation.

An art opening with music
by “Flying Fish”
celebrates the project completion.

In June, the first benefit
held on DG grounds,
Flutterbies Gardenwalk,
benefits KSB Hospice.

“Chilifest” is born
on a chilly and rainy September day.
Eight chili’s dot the front porch
and circuits get blown.

Rosie Donoho
takes overall best chili
for her “Nana Ro Ro’s Chili”.

The Dixon Area Garden Club
tree fundraiser
moves out to Distinctive Gardens
in November.


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