Sasha Tweel

Sasha Tweel

Sasha Tweel is an artist from Chicago. She is a jewelry maker & fiber artist. Her work is generally inspired by antique pieces, nature, interesting color combinations, & rich textures. She uses her art to fund her habit- of creating more art. She yearns for the country (and was a one time Sterling resident!) & although she participates in several fairs and shows, Gardenstock is always one of her favorite events of the year.


  • City: Chicago
  • State: Illinois


2020 Lowell Park Road

Dixon, IL


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JAN - MAR   
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APR - JUN   
Mon - Sat 9-6   Sun 11-3  

JUL - OCT   
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mid NOV - DEC   
Mon - Sat 9-6   Sun 11-3

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