Casey Folks

Casey Folks

Ever since I was a child I've had a burning desire to draw. I think that being born and raised in Galena Illinois helped nurture that desire. While growing up I would lose myself for hours upon end within the pages of my sketch book, drawing inspiration from my surroundings, literature, comics and friends. A number of the other kids I palled around with were also artists, and creative thinkers, as were many of their parents, so I was regularly exposed to new ideas. 

After graduating high school I studied art that the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver Colorado, where I was surrounded by amazingly gifted people who very much drove me creatively and inspired me to new levels. 

As time went by I concentrated on the medium I enjoyed the most, which is pen and ink. Something about the meticulous and unforgiving nature of the medium highly appealed to me. As for the subject matter of my work, fantasy and mythological related themes were the ticket for me, focusing mainly on the human form with a little mother nature thrown in from time to time for good measure. 

I draw almost entirely from my imagination. Every mark you see in the drawing was made by hand using either a pen or a brush. I'm a member of the Galena Cultural Arts Alliance and have work displayed at the Hello Galena! Gallery located in Galena Illinois. 

I hope that you enjoy viewing the work as much as I enjoyed creating it!


  • City: Galena
  • State: Illinois


2020 Lowell Park Road

Dixon, IL


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