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《 Welcome 》

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New for 2023

New for 2023

Click to get a sneak peek at what's coming in spring. Midway down the slide show is where all our spring container recipes are located.


Pick up when the weather improves

Pick up when the weather improves

Order Early Online!
  • Order early and pick up when the weather is nicer. You can schedule your pick up day during check out for whatever day you want. We tag it with your name and grow it until you're ready for pick up!

  • Average Frost Date:
  • May 13
  • Pick Up Days:
  • Wed, Fri & Sat: 10-5
  • Click "More" to go to online store
  • MORE

    Sippin Trip Season 4

    Sippin Trip Season 4

    • Facebook Live

    • Tune in
    • Fridays 6:30 pm
    • find out what's going on
    Plant Lookbook

    Plant Lookbook

    Plant Lookbook vs Online Shop

  • Lookbook = Looking
  • Online Shop = Shopping

  • Lookbook has more information such as:
  • light requirements
  • size specs
  • search by feature
  • Lookbook plant profiles contain a link to shop when available
  • MORE

    SippinTrip Summer Concert Series

    SippinTrip Summer Concert Series

    Facebook Live ONLINE Events this summer!

    Custom Containers

    Custom Containers

    Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for custom container requests.


    We love gardening,
    no two ways around it.
    We love gardeners.
    They are the coolest, most open-minded people around.
    We feel lucky doing a job we love.
    We opened this garden center
    because it's a fantastic way
    to meet like-minded people,
    growing plants, friendships, community,
    one seed at a time.


    2020 Lowell Park Road

    Dixon, IL


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

    By Appointment

    Curbside Pick Up
    Apr 1- May 31
    Nov 15 to Dec 17 
    Wed, Fri & Sat 10:00 - 5:00

    Delivery Year Round



    • Curbside Pick Up

      There are 8 tables that are assigned after your order is placed. We send out an appointment that details your time and table for pick up. Confirm this appointment.

      Look for two emails:

      1. Order Confirmation
      2. Appointment Email

      Appointments offered in 30 minutes appointment blocks. 1:00p, 1:30p etc.

      We try to get as close to your preferred Pick Up time as possible. Please confirm by clicking "Confirm Booking" link in your Appointment Email.

      If you need to change your appointment please call or message us on Facebook. Thanks!

    • Delivery
      Order Online. During checkout select "Delivery". Select your preferred date/time. Bud calls everyone to confirm. If you need a special date/time he'll take care of that request during the telephone call. Hope this helps!
    • Redeeming Gift Card
      During online checkout fill in the 16 digit number on the back of your gift card in the field that says, "Enter Gift Card Number"
    • Redeeming Loyalty Points

      Make sure you log in to your account in order to see and use your points.

      Loyalty points show up during check out. If you have any to use you will see, "Pay Through Loyalty Point. Current Point Balance Is..."

    • Ordering Online

      We offer online shopping for curbside pick up or delivery depending on time of year.

      Check out Instructions

      1. Select Pick Up or Delivery.
      2. Select preferred date/time.
      Look for two emails:
      • Order Confirmation
      • Appointment Email
      Confirm your appointment.

      ----------- TIPS --------------

      Limited quantities. If you put multiples of an item you want and we only have one in stock an alert will pop up on the desktop site telling you it is out of stock. That means the quantity you selected is higher than the available inventory. For example, Tufa Troughs are all unique. There is only one of each. Each week we take an inventory and add back products that might show as sold out. We’re doing this so we don’t oversell by mistake. So our product availability will change weekly.

      iPad shopping. We learned that the pop-up screen where you enter your credit card info was a problem for some. At times the credit card fields were way at the top of the screen and some could not see where to enter their information when shopping on an iPad. This happened especially when they had big orders. If you have problems please message our Facebook Page. We’re learning right along with you and want to help.

      Read more

    • VIP Pricing

      Special Pricing. Every now and then we run thank you specials for our loyal customers. When we do, special pricing will show only for you once you log in to your account. This special is unique to you.


      How To Access Special “Thank You” Pricing

      • Click “LOG IN”
      This will gain you access to special pricing.


      If you didn’t create an account when you shopped,

      • Click “Forgot Password”
      • That will allow you to set up a password and create your account. Then log in. This will gain you access to special pricing.

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